• Satoshi Terasaki

  • I graduaced from graduate school (Master's degree in Math). I spent 6 years as a software engineer. For the 2 years I learned C/C++ through self-study which was SO tough for me because I had NO experience in software development at all prior to new graduate. After that I found Python and JuliaLang. They are very suitable for me. So, I prefer to use them.

  • I like to make tools that visualize data regarding topics in Math. I think JuliaLang is the best to accomplish them.


  • I'm currently making applications based on Deep Learning as R&D by reading some articles and reproducing their results.

  • You can check my GitHub account to see what I did in the past.

  • I hope to be of help by implementing software through collaboration with researchers.



  • Deep Learning

    • PyTorch/Chainer/TensorFlow/Flux.jl

    • Pose Estimation/Hand Pose Estimation/Facial Landmark/Object Detection etc...

  • Raspberry Pi/Jetson/Micro Bit

  • Docker

  • Python Programming

    • PyTest/Poetry

    • Jupyter Notebook/Jupyter Lab

  • Visualization Programming

    • Dash/Streamlit/Bokeh/Pluto.jl

  • Literate Programming

    • Documenter.jl/Franklin.jl/Remark.jl

  • Mathematics

    • Mathematical Physics (Quantum Groups)

    • Number Theory (in Function Fields)

Programming Languages

Used in practice

  • Julia

  • Python

  • C/C++


  • My weakness is having few experience in web development. Therefore I would like to learn web programming via modern language and basic techniques.

    • Elm

    • TypeScript including Basic HTML/CSS

  • Rust


  • May/2021 : Working as a freelancer

  • Jan/2021 ~ : April/2021: MPS as a contract employe

  • April/2018 ~ Dec/2020: Idein Inc.

  • April/2015 ~ Mar/2018: NGR Inc. (TASMIT, Inc. currently)

  • April/2011 ~ Mar/2015: Master course in Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University

  • April/2007 ~ Mar/2011: Bachelor in Tohoku University



If you find any problems, please report them here.